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Earn up to 700 Points.


Requirements for Master Vault of Glass is to have a light level of a minimum of 14 below, recommended is 9 below.

For example: if the activity launch page suggests 1590, the minimum would be 1576 and recommended is 1581.

If your account doesn’t meet these requirements your order may be held until you meet the required light levels/take more time to be started. Please keep this in mind while ordering. Thank you!

ATTENTION: Weekly prize lockouts in Vault of Glass are shared across the Normal and Master difficulties, so please keep this in mind.

For example, you will only get gear for completing encounters, challenges, and secret chests the first time you accomplish them in either activity each week. Before you may acquire Time lost weapons and stat-focused armour, you must first finish them on the Master difficulty setting. Please don’t do the challenge on normal mode if you wish to acquire the timelost weapons via master.

Vault of Glass is here! It has returned from the Destiny content vault or the DCV and made its way into Destiny 2. Here is how to take on the Vault of Glass raid in the Destiny 2 version of itself. Vault of Glass has an opening encounter which will reward loot but isn’t technically the first encounter. However, this encounter is called Opening the Vault and here’s how to complete it:
Split into teams of two and send two players to each of the three Vex plates.
Step into the ring until the white wall around it is built.
Defeat Praetorians before they touch the plates.
Reclaim any Vex sync plates that are lost.
Hold until the Spire forms and the Vault of Glass opens.
After opening the vault you will move into the first encounter. This encounter is called Confluxes. To complete this encounter you must do the following:
Defend the first Conflux from Vex.
Defend the two Confluxes from the Vex.
Defend all three Confluxes from the Vex.
A very simple encounter, just kill everything and don’t allow them to sacrifice within the confluxes. The following encounter is called Oracles, to complete this encounter you should spread out around the area and track the order that the oracles spawn. To complete the encounter all you need to do is eliminate all the oracles that spawn in the same order they spawn. This is how many oracles spawn each wave:
Defeat 3 Oracles
Defeat 4 Oracles
Defeat 5 Oracles
Defeat 6 Oracles
Defeat 7 Oracles
Following the Oracle encounter brings the first boss fight, this encounter is known as the Templar encounter. To complete this encounter you must do the following:
Grab the Relic to begin the Templar fight.
Destroy three Oracles in the correct order.
Use the Relic’s Super to remove the Templar’s shield, and break players out of Detainment.
Deal damage to the Templar, and repeat the steps as necessary.
Note: Block the Templar’s teleport by standing in the ring which will keep him in place and keep his shield down extending DPS.
After defeating the Templar you will be entering the Gorgon’s Labyrinth. This is a maze. Though not technically an encounter, players must still pass through the Gorgon’s Labyrinth without dying. If a Gorgon sees you, it will enrage and then wipe the team. However, overwhelming DPS towards the Gorgon will eliminate it.
After navigating the maze you will arrive at the Gatekeeper encounter. To complete this encounter you need to do the following:
Defeat the Gatekeeper and collect the Relic from the middle.
Open the Vex portals by standing on the Vex sync plates and send one player into each one.
Players inside call out who has the Praetorian.
The relic holder goes into the portal to defeat the Praetorian and then give the Relic to the player that was inside.
The New Relic holder leaves the portal and takes it to the other side of the room and gives it to the player on the sync plate.
Sync plate player now takes the Relic into their portal to defeat the Praetorian that spawns.
This pattern of taking the Relic across and in is repeated until a Conflux spawns in the centre of the main room.
All players defend the central Conflux, defeating Praetorians and Wyverns until the encounter completes.
You are then finally at the final boss of the Vault of Glass raid. Atheon, Time’s Conflux. To defeat Atheon and the Vault of Glass raid you must complete the following steps:
Destroy the Vex cube to start the fight.
Defeat Harpies until three players are teleported – teleported players say which portal they were teleported to.
Three players on the outside call out the order that the Oracles appear while defeating Supplicants. They also open the correct portal using the Vex sync plate.
Three players on the inside collect the Relic and destroy the Oracles in the correct order then exit through the portal.
All players deal damage to Atheon while the Time’s Vengeance buff lasts.
Repeat the steps until Atheon is defeated.

Vault of Glass Master Difficulty is completed the same way however there are small changes such as champions and light level increases. Here is a list of all the changes within Master Vault of Glass.

Building the Spire

Overload Minotaurs added. Void Praetorians still exist, but Overload Minotaurs will spawn in place of them periodically (every 4th Minotaur will be an Overload)


Barrier Hobgoblins added to left and right confluxes
Harpies have Arc shields
Overload Minotaurs added


Overload Minotaurs added
Harpies have Arc shields

Gorgon’s Maze

No changes


Barrier Hobgoblins were added to the final stand phase.
(Overload Minotaurs still exist)


Harpies have Arc shields
Barrier Hobgoblins will spawn inside the portal timelines

Master Vault of Glass also brought Time lost weapons to Destiny 2 for the first time. Time lost weapons are comparable to Adept weaponry from Grandmaster Nightfall’s or Flawless Trials cards allowing for the extra stats upon masterwork and also able to slot the adept mods. They also include an extra perk in columns three and four that allows for getting the god roll easier!

Once you have completed the Vault of Glass Challenge each week in the Master difficulty level of the activity, you will be awarded. A new Timelost weapon, which will be on a rotation for you to hunt down each week, which will rotate with the current challenge you’re participating in. Ultimately rewarding you with the Timelost found verdict from the triumph. Once you’ve acquired a Timelost weapon, you’ll be able to use Spoils of Conquest to buy extra rolls from the chest at the conclusion of the raid. Once you’ve earned a Timelost weapon. Please keep in mind that they will be more expensive than the standard versions of these weapons. – Costing 25 spoils compared to the usual 20.

Master Vault of Glass also unlocks the final Triumphs required for the Fatebreaker raid Seal/title. Once completed, players may equip their in-game title and show it off in-game! The timelost Found Verdict is also rewarded for completing all of the Vault of Glass challenges on the Master difficulty and the Maestro Glasser triumph found within the Fatebreaker seal.
The Vault of Glass is a returning raid from the very beginning of Destiny one. This was the first raid in the Destiny franchise and is debatably known as one of the best raids to exist within the franchise. The Vault includes some of the most iconic weapons sets within the entire game with Fatebringer, Vision of Confluence and Found Verdict being one of the most recognizable and sought after weapons throughout the whole of Destiny one and the Timelost versions being highly chased when available. In the weeks that the Timelost Fatebringer is available the LFG posts and discords explode with people looking to take on The Templar Master checkpoint in the hopes to get their hands on one of the best hand cannons available for PVE and PVP.

Upon ordering this Boost you will receive, a completion of the Master Vault of Glass Raid. This boost is a full completion of the Master Vault of Glass raid which has a chance to reward Vex mythoclast and other weapons such as timelost Fatebringer and other timelost weapons. – We can also spend spoils for you at the cache you can inform your booster via sms/email or the notes at checkout!


Chances at Vex Mythoclast Exotic Fusion rifle
Vault of Glass rewards, armor and weapons
Masterwork materials (chance) Ascendant Shards and Prisms
Powerful and Pinnacle rewards


1. Once you place your order, your order will be assigned to a professional booster.
2. Next, you will be contacted via SMS / Email to establish a start time for your boost.
3. If you choose Self-Play option, your booster will plan the service according to your time schedule.
4. No waiting or unnecessary chatting with managers or admins unless you have any questions.
5. When the order will be finished, you will again be notified via SMS / Email.
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  1. Chester Van

    These master raids are no joke took me hours trying to finish it on my own. I came here and was shocked by how coordinated their raid team was it was so easy! I’m definitely coming back for more!

  2. Chamby

    I ordered a master vog carry and these guys helped me get it done quick and ez

  3. Jordan Serna

    This may be one of the hardest raids I have ever attempted and even though it’s supposed to be super hard the team here made it look easy! I was astonished with how quick we were able to take the boss down.

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