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Trials of Osiris Boosting

Season of the Haunted is here and with it a brand new Trials season! Season 17 brings a whole new armour set to the Trials of Osiris usually, the Endgame PVP mode brings armour with Egyptian inspired golden armour but this time it seems Bungie has broadened their horizons and given us more Animal themed golden armour. For example the hunters this year have a monkey themed helmet and the Warlocks seem to have some kind of winged animal for their helmet. Bungie also announced two brand new weapons coming within the mode, one being a sidearm called The Forgiveness which can roll with the brand new perk known as well rounded and can also roll with the returning perk air assault which could be an absolute must have with the new airborne changes Bungie has added to the crucible. The other Trials weapon being added in the Season of the Haunted is called Burden of Guilt which is an adaptive fusion rifle which can also get some interesting rolls. Both of these weapons also have an adept version which is rewarded via going to the lighthouse with a flawless Trials of Osiris card and opening the chest, allowing you to equip your adept mods enhancing the weapon's capabilities. Falcon's Chase Sparrow is another piece of gear added to the Season 17s trials loot pool. You can also spot a ghost within the image showcasing the brand new Trials of Osiris gear. Both of these cosmetic items will be replacing the current cosmetic ghost and sparrow within the Trials of Osiris loot pool, therefore, making that previous sparrow and ghost unobtainable until Bungie decides to return them. With the return of the mode on June 10th 2022 freelance and capture zone trials will no longer be known as labs game modes, therefore, cementing their place within the game mode for the foreseeable future!

Upon ordering this Boost you will receive, a play with Trials of Osiris Flawless. This boost rewards a full Trials of Osiris carry/play with through a Trials of Osiris Flawless. This will reward you with an Adept weapon from the lighthouse chest. You will also receive an adept mod if you're still collecting them. If this is your first Trials flawless you will also get the 2 Trials emblems for your achievement.

Trials is the most competitive PVP mode. It's a tournament based game mode requiring 7 straight wins to achieve "flawless" within the game mode. Flawless is the ultimate goal within the Trials as that allows you to receive the best loot the mode has to offer.

1. Once you place your order, your order will be assigned to a professional booster.
2. Next, you will be contacted via SMS / Email to establish a start time for your boost.
3. Your booster will plan the service according to your time schedule.
4. No waiting or unnecessary chatting with managers or admins unless you have any questions.
5. When the order will be finished, you will again be notified via SMS / Email.
6. Tell us your feedback by leaving a review and receiving 10% off for your next purchase.

We don’t use any programs or cheats during boosts. All services are done by hand and contracted boosters.

Requirements -

1310+ Power level
Unlocked Trials of Osiris Game mode


Trials of Osiris carries

Trials of Osiris is here and with it bringing LOOT! Trials is an endgame PVP mode that brings some of the most high end, high tier weaponry and weapon mods the game has to offer. Upon going flawless within the playlist you are rewarded with the opportunity to receive rewards such as the weekly adept weapon, the Trials of Osiris exclusive ship or sparrow, and ghost shell as rewards for your triumph, however, they're incredibly rare rewards.

Trials of Osiris carry

The current loot pool for Trials of Osiris contains many weapons such as the following: The summoner auto rifle, The Scholar scout rifle, The messenger pulse rifle, Igneous hammer hand cannon, Shayura's wrath sub machine gun, Astral horizon shotgun, Exiles curse fusion rifle, Eye of Sol sniper rifle, Sola's scar sword, Tomorrow's answer rocket launcher, Reed's regret linear fusion rifle. With the loot pool being increased every season there is plenty of loot to be obtained and sought after from the game mode itself. Also, all of the listed weapons have adept versions which are rewarded from the lighthouse chest and are available to slot the associated adept mods such as adept Icarus and adept big ones.
trials self play boost and boostings
Trials of Osiris also has its own unique armor which it rewards, with every year of Trials Bungie will be releasing new weapons and armor for players to chase, so far we have had 2 armor sets and they're only available for the current Trials season they're released in. This year we have the Pyrrhic ascent armor set and last year we had the Exile armor set returning from Destiny one. With the release of Witch queen, we will likely be seeing a whole new set and plenty of new weapons to grind out.

Contrast between players (PvP)
Lord Shaxx is back as the Crucible's NPC "Handler," where player versus player combat is included much like in the original. Six-versus-six, three-versus-three, and a temporary two-versus-two game style were all included in the original Destiny's Crucible. As Bungie shifted their attention to smaller teams for competitive multiplayer and improved map creation, all game modes were four-versus-four at launch. However, Quickplay modes subsequently changed to six-versus-six. In Crucible game modes, player characteristics like weapon power and defense are evenly distributed amongst players, much like in the original. Players may now see whether an enemy is supercharged or equipped with power ammo thanks to an update to the in-game HUD. Players currently have a choice of four rotating playlists, six-player Free-for-All rumble, freelance survival (a kind of survival where players cannot select the friends on their team), traditional mix, and private matches.

Trials of the Nine took the place of the previous game's Trials of Osiris. Trials of the Nine starts on Friday and finishes with the weekly reset on Tuesday, just like Trials of Osiris. The game mode for this new Trials, however, has altered; now, Trials of the Nine alternates each week between Countdown and Survival from Destiny 2, replacing the previous Trials' Elimination mode. For the four days of Trials, there is only one map presented, although it also changes every week. In contrast to the Trials of Osiris, players in the Trials of the Nine can reach the social hub, The Spire, which is based in uncharted space, by finishing a match of Trials and earning Trials tokens. The Emissary of the Nine, an NPC that players will encounter there, will trade tokens for equipment. Access to the higher tiers of the social sphere, each with better rewards, is gained by accruing three, five, and seven wins on the scorecard, respectively. Obtaining seven victories flawlessly enables entry into a special region with considerably larger benefits. Scorecard reset after three defeats. Players need to have completed the campaign, reached Lord Shaxx's "Call to Arms" milestone, and have a Power level of at least 260 in order to unlock Trials of the Nine. [17][18]

The sequel included a return of the first game's sporadic competitive PvP Iron Banner mode, which prevented the balancing of players' equipment. Iron Banner in Destiny 2 does not, however, disable balance since, according to Bungie, "Your fighting skills, not your power levels, will decide the outcome." After the release of Forsaken, this was modified, and balance was disabled much like in the first game. Similar to the original, Iron Banner has daily goals to meet during its one-week duration. To access Iron Banner, which has Lord Saladin from the original game as its NPC, players must have finished the campaign and be level 20. [19]

Gambit, a brand-new PvP action, was debuted in Destiny 2's second year. The objective of this activity is to pit two teams of four players against AI opponents from one of the game's various factions or races (Cabal, Fallen, Hive, Vex, or new with forsaken Scorn), defeat them, take their motes, and then bank them. A different size blocker will spawn on either side for every five motes held, up to a maximum of 15 motes at once. A Taken Vex Goblin will appear as a minor blocker after 5 motes, a Taken Fallen Captain after 10 motes, and a Taken Hive Ogre after 15 motes. At various moments during the game, an invasion portal will appear, allowing a player to invade the opposing team and take out other players who are carrying motes. The boss will come when a team has collected a total of 75 motes; the round is won by the team who defeats the boss first. Three rounds are played; the best three results win. A new version of Gambit called "Gambit Prime" was introduced during Season of the Drifter. The idea is the same, but 100 motes are now needed to spawn the boss. When there are several blocks, the level advantage is activated and the team bank begins draining and increasing the overall mote count for the opposing team.

Trials of Osiris Self play

Trials of Osiris has received a new focus from Bungie recently as they attempt to revitalize the game mode with plenty of new changes from community requested changes to their own ideas which they're beginning to test with the new Trials labs game mode. On occasion, Bungie trials of osiris boost will be using the Trials labs to test out specific modes during Trials such as control and other objective type modes to see how the community reacts and enjoys the playlist change. They're also taking a step further to make games more competitive by bringing forward a "Flawless pool" for players once they've gone flawless.

Trials of Osiris paid services
 This hasn't been met with the best reception but we applaud Bungie for trying and making changes where needed. One of the biggest changes is the removal of Trials tokens and the addition of Trials ranks, allowing for players to rank up and reset their reputation at saint 14 similar to lord shaxx and the crucible, you will receive extra trials rewards and materials via this form of progression. There is also a new system similar to the umbral system we have but instead for trials, allowing you to turn in a 7 win ticket and a trials engram for the weekly reward.

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We use in-house VPN services to hide the IP of the booster to better protect our clients and our boosters.

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116 reviews for Trials of Osiris Boosting

  1. Suanne Cautero

    good and fast

  2. James Harris

    I was honestly surprised on how fast my trials loot came to me! 10/10 would come back!

  3. Nicole Garcia

    Always fast delivery, cheapest prices, reliable and most importantly FRIENDLY always willing to help

  4. Earl Hart

    My trials recov got done within 2 hours. Phenomenal players

  5. Anon

    These guys are dope! Enlighted and his team carried my guardian through trials pretty easily first try and I got my messenger!

  6. Abubakar Battle

    CK pulled through with the flawless run last weekend and I was able to get good Igneous Hammers as a result. Always pleased with their work. Thank you, Saitama!

  7. Paloma Clay

    Saitama provided a no-stress experience and will get you through this! Highly recommended!

  8. Kiran Wong

    Originally I was hesitant to try out Carry Kings, just because of the nature of the industry, at least in years past. To my great surprise and relief, the transaction and service exchange went off without a problem. My sherpa was punctual, professional, and personable! Together we were able to get my Flawless ToS finished in a little over an hour. I intend to use CK again in the future and will be requesting the same sherpa because of the positive experience! I’d highly recommend CK out to anybody who might be on the fence.

  9. Noor Wheatley

    Ordered the Trials Carry. We were done within 30 minutes of starting.

  10. Shakira Fenton

    Talented and helpful. Making trials look like a cake walk! O

  11. Sang Chou

    I have been using their service for a while now, and it is trustworthy and efficient !

  12. Aleena Dean

    Fast, friendly, and amazing! It was a breeze to get Confidence completed.

  13. Libbi Mejia

    amazing, fast, professional

  14. Lainey Alford

    The carry service is great fun as usual. And they brought me flawless in 45 minutes.

  15. Ravinder Lutz

    Guardians I played with were friendly and obviously Trials pros. We went 7-0 on the first attempt. I’ll definitely be playing with CarryKings again soon.

  16. Ailsa Devine

    Was at the lighthouse in less than an hour. The whole experience was great!

  17. Celia Jennings

    I’m a decent player at Destiny but didn’t want to deal with the blueberries in Trials. I paid for CarryKings so that I could play with a couple of good players and it was a great experience! It was fun playing with players that are cracked at the game. 10/10 would recommend.

  18. Walid Whitaker

    Great carry! Very professional!

  19. Taha Lang

    Great service, super fast.

  20. Syeda Boyle

    These guys are the best of the best.

  21. Haris Southern

    Fast easy first try lighthouse trips!

  22. Kier Iles

    Amazing carry partners, super friendly and not only supportive, but thought me ways to improve!

  23. Matthew Hagiwara

    Very good and fast service. I have used many times always the same.

  24. Harri Woolley

    Amazing carry partners, super friendly and supportive!

  25. Rosie Snyder

    Honestly perfect. The team crushed it. Good chat and banter. First time 7/7 wins

  26. Angelina Hartman

    Excellent services for a competitive price.

  27. Aden Prosser

    Very highly skilled players. Most rounds were won before I had a chance to shoot! Would recommend this service without a moments hesitation.

  28. Joseph Griffin

    Enlighted brought me flawless, although there was no communication. He did it in less than 45 minutes would recommend.

  29. Kareem Stephens

    Very highly skilled players. Most rounds were won before I had a chance to shoot! Would recommend this service without a moments hesitation.

  30. Iqrah Li

    Easy and efficient and the sherpas were absolutely amazing at PVP its mindblowing

  31. Tj Good

    The team was great and very helpful, I would highly recommend.

  32. Samina Mclaughlin

    Had a blast and ended up doing it twice! had a great time and great conversation. Would definitely do it again.

  33. Lyle Mccray

    My carry was excellent! Low stress and a lot of fun. What’s really nice about the carry service is that you get to pick the time and day you want to play instead of having to wait for the queue with the recovery service.

  34. Blane Hickman

    Got me thru with no problems in Trials! Best people in the business always on time best prices never a problem with security

  35. Addie Alston

    great super always the best best prices around best in the world!

  36. Taylor Buckley

    Always reliable and deliveries are on time.

  37. Kitty Firth

    Awesome service, players assisting were very respectful and professional. Regardless of my skill level they made it a very enjoyable experience AND got the run done in one try. Thank you guys! It was fun and you guys are awesome!

  38. Keyan Camacho

    I got carried for the first time and my sherpas were 1st class, top notch, kick ass players! Very polite and got the job done! Reed’s Regret Adept! Woohoo!

  39. Ashley Dyer

    Had some issues in the start with connectivity but as soon as I was able to do it, they were very fast and efficient I recommend the carry for anybody looking to get it quick and easy

  40. Yasmine Shannon

    Great service, can hold my own but don’t have time to sort out a fire team that can do the same. These guys made the run easy

  41. Yasser Parra

    Very good. Fast and simple. Exactly what I was expecting.

  42. Ishika Gross

    Boosters I played with were top tier, first try flawless, great communication and encouragement, easy to be with.

  43. Horace Weiss

    Saitama and Zone were God tier in smashing through other players. I managed a few kills, lol. They are a well coordinated team. I would describe them as a pack of raptors. They got me flawless 7 wins in 45 minutes! I was blown away. Both are funny and friendly, it was a blast tagging along.

  44. Elara Brett

    fast and fun. great boosters to play with.

  45. Zahara Livingston

    Enlighted did a fantastic job helping me! The user interface is great and contact was prompt. They were friendly, professional, and honored my requests in the last comment box. Make sure to screen shot your control layouts and settings because they will change them to suit their own preferences when helping you. Would highly recommend this to anyone who needs help when none of your friends or clan members are available.

  46. Anis May

    Everything is super fast and professional!

  47. Nuala Carr

    Fast efficient and safe, top marks

  48. Owen Franzoni

    Fast delivery! Will buy again

  49. Roscoe Burke

    Guys were extremely talented and we got the flawless run done quickly! Will be back for more runs!

  50. Ivy-Rose Watt

  51. Harriet Burton

    The order took less than 90 minutes, so the service was excellent and I got everything I wanted and more

  52. Nevaeh England

    Excellent service! Highly recommend.

  53. Zackary Miles

    Trials was flawless…nuff said. 10/10 would Trials again

  54. Santino Martin

    Thank you, CK, for another week’s worth of flawless runs!

  55. Benjamin Santos

    Always struggled with the pvp side of this game but I really wanted the loot from the trials pool so I took my chances here and was not disappointed the team here made the games look like childs play! I’m 100% going to come back for more!!

  56. Kieron Mendez

    Amazing, talented players. Will get you the wins fast or keep trying

  57. Armani Russell

    Very quick and professional. I chose the “Play With” option and the guys helping did an excellent job with allowing me to play with them. Their communication with starting/inviting was very clear. Awesome job!”

  58. Huw Swift

    They did their job and about the only thing I can tell players is don’t get to mad if they change your settings but do remember they do change them to get the job done

  59. Cecilia Blake

    Fantastic service as always!

  60. Lauren Ramsey

    To the boosters, thank you. This may become a job to you and I hope that what brought you to this level to begin with doesn’t take away from the gratitude of your skill. Paid or not, you carry Guardians proudly in what has been Darkness for us. Keep doing the good fight. I give many kudos to you all! Here’s hoping the next round brings the Winds of Change! Cheers!

  61. Kirsten Chimera

    Great customer service, services delivered promptly. Will recommend, thanks!

  62. Taryn Nguyen

    Professional, friendly, and trustworthy. Communicated with me the entire time. Highly recommend!

  63. Zaynab Shelton

    Another solid run from CK! Best there is around.

  64. Adrian Mill

    Thanks to the awesome CK team. Rounding out the adept trials weapons I don’t own. Last week adept sub and this week adept fusion. Thanks guys as always! They are always so efficient with their job no questions about it! I just keep praying I can get the ship and sparrow still don’t have those.

  65. Azeem Schwartz

    Very quick and professional. Let me know when they were about to begin, and when they were done. Finished in a couple of hours, so it shows that they don’t cheat and are just that good!

  66. Angela Diaz

    Guaranteed flawless runs on all three characters this week. Thank you, CK!

  67. Pauline Parrish

    Professional as always. I’ll always come back.

  68. Heidi Atherton

    They were prompt in fulfilling the order and there was no issues with completing it.

  69. Alexis Bradford

    Was initially skeptical, but ordering from this site was definitely a decision I don’t regret. Excellent service!

  70. Ebony Boyer

    I have used this service a few times. I have had nothing but positive experiences. The service is fast, reliable, and incredibly simple to use.

  71. Callie Ahmed

    I’ve used CarryKings for several runs – extremely professional, continually innovating their services, all in all a pleasure.

  72. Saul Canales

    Ever since bungie made the change to trials it has been an absolute nightmare going flawless and so I took my chances here and came out with more loot than I could have asked for! I love the work these guys are doing here and highly recommended if you are struggling to come here and get taken care of!

  73. Laith Farrington

    What can I say, they got on it and got it done very quickly and professionally.

  74. Leonard Kaplan

    Always great communication and friendly service towards the customer.

  75. Liyana Sears

    Fast and efficient as always. Definitely worth it if you just dont have the time to play much.

  76. Darrel Dunlap

    Like a mentioned earlier, rethink your prices everything else is perfect

  77. Marta Coles

    Three flawless runs done. Awesome work as always.

  78. Eliot Blair

    Fast and efficient like always. 110% worth it if you dont have the time or patience to deal with sweats or tedious objectives.

  79. Ptolemy Lord

    Got the job done within an hour or two, very fast and professional team.

  80. Kush Yoder

    Amazing boosters, and extremely skilled at PvP. This isn’t my first flawless with them, and I’ve watched some of their streams when they do flawless runs. You will 100% be pleased with their results, especially if you get Hermes 

  81. Andrei Bridges

    CK is amazing at what they do! Communication was excellent and they competed my order quickly.

  82. Ronald Kaiser

    Truly a professional service great and friendly help

  83. Tasnia Cottrell

    I swear I have the very best booster! Always gets my orders started quickly and always completes them to my absolute satisfaction. 🙂

  84. Bree Lambert

    The boosters are so insanely good at the game it is worth the money just to watch how clutch they are.

  85. Kirstin Connolly

    They got it done in record time and let me know right away. Great service and they’ll complete everything you order. Only criticism would be that I wish returned all of my settings to what they were when they signed on to my account. Volume, music, game sound effects, look sensitivity, button layout, etc., all had to be changed back after. Other than that, this is a terrific service to use.

  86. Nazim Carty

    Guys were awesome had a blast highly worth it.

  87. Pollyanna Porter

    Booster logged in and completed my order in a timely manner like always. Will use again in the future for sure.

  88. Amelia-Grace Quintana

    Awesome service, worth it

  89. Marshall Schroeder

    Simply amazing work by these guys. Truly the top 0.1% of D2 players, as they make it look so easy. Communication and service was great. Can’t recommend GS enough!

  90. Carlos Navarro

    Great service, consistent, fast, professional. 

  91. Jayne Wilkes

    Completed fast good communication

  92. Mariyah Potter

    Never have to worry about information security or anything less than perfection from these guys. My go to when I need things done quickly.

  93. Colton Winter

    Completed fast good communication

  94. Marion Tanner

    Top notch communication and service as always.

  95. Lorelei Rios

    Saitama was the man!!! Took me to the lighthouse without losing one match! Very much appreciated, will be back!!

  96. Clive Mcmahon

    Best teams ever! 100% would recommend!

  97. Kellan Clark

    Quick and painless. Went 7-0 and only dropped two rounds the entire time. Went flawless in 30 mins. 10/10 recommend and will use again.

  98. Amin Griffiths

    They did amazing. Quick and easy service

  99. Nate Bloom

    Amazing service as always!!

  100. Tori Alexander

    They got my order done even before of the scheduled time, it was fast and efficient.

  101. Johnathan Moon

    Fast and excellent have never disappointed.

  102. Ajay Hensley

    Amazing website professional boosters!

  103. Jarrad Webb

    NO NONSENSE AND NO BS. These dudes help out and offer great advice

  104. Alexandros Bone

    By far the best service around. Quick and easy flawless.

  105. Annabel Carpenter

    Good communication. Great results. Logged in and got the flawless right away. Kept track of the games using Trials Report. They beat some stacked teams.

  106. Remy Denton

    Fast, efficient and done to perfection

  107. Esa Hewitt

    I couldn’t get on the weekend the Adept Messenger was available so I turned to GS to help with farming that weapon. Thank you for the awesome work as always.

  108. Corben Calhoun

    Great service the two guys I play with trials where very good

  109. Aronas Fisher

    Saitama did a great job as my sherpa as always! Sorry for the late review, holidays have been hectic. Absolutely recommend Saitama and CarryKings for your Flawless Trials runs!

  110. Mason Gentry

    I really stink at PVP and I really wanted the SMG and a better roll for the Messenger. I got 2 decent rolls thanks to Saitama!

  111. Ella Bradley

    Great service, quick and efficient definitely recommended.

  112. Parker Wood

    Amazing service! Fast, great communication, couldn’t ask for more in a recovery service. Highly recommend and will use again in the future.

  113. Derek Vernieri

    10/10 would highly recommend to anyone struggling to go flawless in trials of Osiris

  114. Tara Cantrock

    Great service! 🙂

  115. Winifred Bernal

    Another great Trials run! Despite some early losses my sherpa was calm and willing to put in the time needed to get through to flawless! Can’t recommend CarryKings enough 🙂

  116. Zuzanna Rennie

    All three characters, mercy + confidence card on each char, done in under five hours. Another satisfied returning customer. Will be back to finish the gilded triumphs. Cheers

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