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Master The Vow Of The Disciple Boosting

Requirements for Master Vow of The Disciple is to have a light level of a minimum of 14 below, recommended is 9 below.

For example: if the activity launch page suggests 1590, the minimum would be 1576 and recommended is 1581.

If your account doesn’t meet these requirements your order may be held until you meet the required light levels/take more time to be started. Please keep this in mind while ordering. Thank you!

(We expect the Vow of the disciple to continue using the same systems as Vault of Glass)

ATTENTION: Weekly prize lockouts in Vault of Glass are shared across the Normal and Master difficulties, so please keep this in mind. 

For example, you will only get gear for completing encounters, challenges, and secret chests the first time you accomplish them in either activity each week. Before you may acquire Time lost weapons and stat-focused armour, you must first finish them on the Master difficulty setting. Please don’t do the challenge on normal mode if you wish to acquire the timelost weapons via master.

Master Vault of Glass also brought Time lost weapons to Destiny 2 for the first time. Time lost weapons are comparable to Adept weaponry from Grandmaster Nightfall’s or Flawless Trials cards allowing for the extra stats upon masterwork and also able to slot the adept mods. They also include an extra perk in columns three and four that allows for getting the god roll easier!

Once you have completed the Vault of Glass Challenge each week in the Master difficulty level of the activity, you will be awarded. A new Timelost weapon, which will be on a rotation for you to hunt down each week, which will rotate with the current challenge you’re participating in. Ultimately rewarding you with the Timelost found verdict from the triumph. Once you’ve acquired a Timelost weapon, you’ll be able to use Spoils of Conquest to buy extra rolls from the chest at the conclusion of the raid. Once you’ve earned a Timelost weapon. Please keep in mind that they will be more expensive than the standard versions of these weapons. – Costing 25 spoils compared to the usual 20.

We expect the Vow of the disciple to continue using the same systems as Vault of Glass, if there are any big system changes we will update the text below here:

The Vow of the Disciple raid is here! We’re finally entering one of the pyramids without being invited meaning for once we will actually be raiding one of them instead. There is plenty of secrets found within this pyramid. One of the first ones you will come across after completing the opening encounter is that of the giant worm mother you can see powering what is known as the upended. After beholding this sight you will then move on to the first encounter known as the Acquisition Checkpoint. This checkpoint will have you split into 2 teams of 3, one player will defend and the other will attack. Symbols will begin to appear in front of your sides obelisk you will then
use this info to eliminate a taken knight then go into the correct corresponding room and eliminate the correct scorn captain. After this, you will use the symbol you obtained and the 2 your teammates obtained and shoot accordingly on the correct obelisk. Doing this 3 times will complete the encounter. The 2nd encounter is your first boss fight, you will have 2 players on add clear, 2 stunning the boss before he reaches the central obelisk and then 2 runner players, the faster your runners the faster you will activate the damage plates, repeat for 3 floors until you finally get the Caretaker boss into the final stand, finish him on the final floor to progress. The 3rd encounter is similar to that of the previous 2 encounters. You will eliminate everything ahead of you to get the symbols needed to open the doors but you will also have to balance 3 relics between your teammates and the timers they apply to you. This encounter is very much a race against the clock and the faster you progress the easier it will be. You are then at the final encounter of the Vow of the Disciple raid and you will have to face off against the disciple himself! In this encounter, you will use all your knowledge from previous encounters and have your teammates in the following roles. 2 people splitting and sharing the buff and then 2 people dunking the buff. One person calling out where to dunk the buffs to the dunking players and the final player on add clear. Bring your highest DPS weapons to take down Rhulk!

Vow of the disciple also has a master version of its raid which is now the Destiny 2s version of Destiny one hard mode raid.
There is slight changes to each encounter within the master raids which include champion spawns and also a much higher light level but ultimately the encounters are completed the same way. Find below a list of the changes in the master version of Vow of the Disciple.


Scorn Glyphkeepers in glyph rooms are now Overload champions
Taken knights (compass) around outside of main room have solar shields
Scorn Wraiths now have solar shields


Taken hobgoblins are now Overload champions
Taken Vandals are now Overload champions


Taken Glyphkeepers are now Unstoppable
Scorn Glyphkeepers are now Overload
Taken hobgoblins now have void shields
Scorn Wraiths now have solar shields


Taken hobgoblins now have void shields
Taken Glyphkeeper is now Overload
Scorn Glyphkeeper is now Unstoppable

Master Vow of the Disciple also unlocks the final Triumphs required for the Disciple-slayer raid Seal/title. Once completed, players may equip their in-game title and show it off in-game!

What You Will Get?

Your selected amount of Master The Vow Of The Disciple raid clears. Earn the brand NEW raid weapons and armour with the adept mod slot! Gain extra stats by obtaining the Adept armour and weaponry!

It seems the rumours have come true! The Witness is coming! We believe The Envoy of the Witness is the darkness power trapped within the pyramid ship inside Savathuns throne world! Find out on March 5th if The Witness is indeed coming to Sol!

Start and Completion Time

After placing your order, it will start roughly within the initial 12 hours after the purchase;
The completion time will vary from order to order as you may have a larger quantity or smaller. Leading to faster or longer completion times.


The Witch Queen DLC
Meet the recommended light level required

How It Works?

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