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Destiny 2 King’s Fall Boost release time, date and how to prepare for the reprised raid

How to get ready for the next reprised raid from the original Destiny.

Destiny 2’s King’s Fall carry

is the second reprised raid to return to the game.

Debuting in first expansion The Taken King back in 2015, it will return to Destiny 2 in the opening week of Season of Plunder.

As with Vault of Glass, expect some changes, the return of familar drops and possibly an Exotic to unlock. Any guesses? We have some ideas…

Here’s when King’s Fall will release, and everything we know that’s coming.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall trailer

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Recovery release time: What time will King’s Fall be available?

King’s Fall has a release date of Friday, 26th August, and will be available at the following release times:

  • UK: 6pm (BST)
  • Europe: 7pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 1pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 10am (PDT)

From here, you have 24 hours – until 10am PDT or 6pm BST on Saturday – to complete Contest Mode. Otherwise, feel free to tackle the raid at your own pace, especially when they are some minor things to prepare for.

Also, know that King’s Fall is free for all players – no expansions or season pass required.

How does Destiny 2 King’s Fall Carries Contest Mode work?

As is tradition, each new Raid in Destiny 2 has a ‘Contest Mode’, where teams compete to be the first to complete the raid.

The King’s Fall Contest Mode works like so:

  • Contest mode lasts 24 hours – until 10am PDT or 6pm BST on Saturday.
  • Once you have completed King’s Fall once, a new Challenge Mode will be available, complete with secret Triumphs for all encounters.
  • The first team to complete all secret Triumphs from each encounter will be the Worlds First.

Though this is geared primarily towards the world’s fastest teams, it’s also open to everyone – and while not confirmed, based on previous years, any teams which complete the raid within the 24 hour period get some rewards.

To be clear, that’s not confirmed – so until then, see this an excuse to play the raid and its secret Triumphs before anyone else.

How to prepare for King’s Fall paid service in Destiny 2

As a returning raid, it’s easier to prepare for King’s Fall more than most. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you venture back into the Dreadnaught to take on Oryx:

  • Players must be Power Level 1560 and above to hit the cap for each encounter. Though you can play at a lower level, the offense and defence of your Guardian will drop dramatically, making it far more challenging. This is 20 levels below the Season 18 cap, so chances are you are high enough already.
  • Familiarise yourself with the original King’s Fall. Though there will be some changes – smoothing off rough edges from the original, and to offer a fresh challenge – learning the ins and outs of the raid (and its platforming sections – remember the ships?) will help, especially for newcomers. We have a King’s Fall walkthrough to read, or if you prefer, watch this 4K HDR gameplay of the original from Tundy on YouTube:

Another thing worth knowing is that Touch of Malice is back. It’ll almost certainly return as part of King’s Fall – but how remains to be seen.

In the original Destiny, there was a quest to find Calcified Fragments in order to unlock the Exotic scout rifle. If it does return, it might simply be a final encounter drop, but it’s possible Bungie might want to pay homage with a similar quest that opens up surrounding the Raid. We’ll have to wait and see!


Here’s our guide on how to complete the re-realised reprised King’s Fall raid!

The first encounter you will find you and your fireteam start inside the old Court of Oryx. Here you find two relics spawn at a time. Once a player grabs one of the relics the Court will defend itself and immediately close its doors and spawn taken enemies. Eliminate all of these then dunk both of the relics within the glowing thrall statue before the timer runs down. This is where this encounter gets more complex. You should split your team up into three groups of two. Two Guardians to defend the room you’re currently in, two Guardians to go right, two Guardians to go left. The right and left Guardians are responsible for collecting more Relics and bringing them back and dunking them within the thrall statue. Doing so multiple times without the time running out will allow you to progress within the encounter. Once the encounter is completed the Court of Oryx portal will open allowing all players to progress into the jumping puzzle and collect their first raid reward.

The next encounter is simply a jumping puzzle called The Tomb Ships. To progress the jumping puzzle first jump on the Hive tomb ship and then ride it until you see another one coming near / across your path. Jump from one Tomb ship to the other over and over again until you progress to the other side. Once you are on the other side you will notice there are two plates on either side of the tomb ship this time. One player stands on each plate allowing the players on the tomb ship to progress through the green field. Once two players have crossed to the final area they can stand on the opposing two plates allowing for the first two plates to cross.

You and your team will then find yourselves at the Totems (BASILICA) encounter. This is what most people consider the first encounter of the raid. This is a simple clockwork encounter. Split your team into two teams. 3 on each side, left and right. Player one will go straight down their assigned side picking up the brand on the way. Standing on their assigned totem. They will begin killing and with each kill gain a stack of Deathsinger’s power. Player two will head up to the top side of the main room killing the wizard and then killing the taken knight which will spawn following the death of the wizard. Once the taken knight is eliminated he will drop a buff called Brand Claimer. Player two will take this buff and head toward player one and claim the brand from player one taking his place killing adds and claiming Deathsingers power. During this process player, 3 will just be waiting around protecting the main plate. Once he sees player 2 has left the top side they will head up and do exactly what player two did and then head down to player 2 and claim the brand from him exactly like player 2 did to 1. Once you have the brand claimed from you like player 1 did you will head up to the middle and stand upon the main plate depositing your Deathsingers power within. Then player 1 will follow player 3 doing exactly what player 2 and 3 did. Kill the wizard, then the knight, pick up the buff, claim the brand, kill adds, deposit Deathsingers, repeat.

On to the first boss bight of King’s Fall. The Warpriest. Split into three teams of two. One left one right, one middle. Each member of one team needs to be assigned to the plate. Get on each side’s plate to begin the encounter. Once the encounter starts kill everything that spawns until a yellow bar knight spawns, kill this on each side to activate the middle plate. Once the middle plate is active the assigned player should stand on it. Now that player needs to look at the huge posts in front of each plate and check for a white light being turned on, on the backside of the post. Check left then right. If neither plate has a white light then it’s the middle plate which is turned on. Call out which plate is white first, hop of centre and then the first plate will jump on. Whoever is first will then activate their plate and check the remaining two for the white light. They will then call out the corresponding side to activate their plate. Once the second plate is activated the final plate should then be activated which case the final player will be given the aura. The aura buff is what allows players to damage the Warpriest. Gather on the aura’s side and deal DPS to Warpriest. During DPS two knights will spawn. Killing these knights drops the brand claimer buff. Pick up this buff and then use it to claim the aura before time runs out extending damage. At the end of the damage phase, the Warpriest will essentially light the entire room on fire and use the posts with the lights to take cover from the Warpriest. Doing so will remove this cover and replace the lights with a red flame used for plate callouts. Repeat this cycle until the Warpriest dies.

Following through the portal you will then enter Golgoroth’s Maze. To progress through the maze follow these instructions and avoid falling within the holes.


On to the second boss fight of the King’s Fall raid. Golgoroth. This is a fast-paced high-action boss fight. Split your team into two gaze runners and four damage dealers. Start the encounter by destroying the orb in the centre. Then split left and right and eliminate all ads on those sides. After doing so return to the front of the room gaining Golgoroth’s attention. One player will remain on the bridge found within the centre of the room gaining access to shoot Golgoroth’s exposed back. Do this once the players in the front of the room have gained Golgoroth’s attention and broke the first floating orb. Shooting his back will give you Gologorth’s Gaze. This means you will have his full attention and he will turn his efforts towards killing and facing you. Do this once the players are now within the damage buff the orb drops and run behind those players so that Golgoroth faces them. Begin DPS on Golgoroth and the player with the gaze should prioritize keeping himself alive and counting down his timer. Once his timer nears the end the other Gaze runner should shoot his back and gain a new gaze and the DPS players should break a new orb and begin the transition. Repeat this until either all orbs are used or Golgoroth is defeated.

After defeating Golgoroth move into the next jumping puzzle. This is the “Dick Wall” jumping puzzle as the community has coined it. Progress along the side of the wall without being bumped off by the pistons that fire out aiming to knock you off. Your goal is to get to the other side of the room and progress to the top.

Once you have progressed you will arrive at The Daughters of Oryx. They are a prelude to the king, and you’ll learn a lot of the mechanics you’ll take into the final boss. When you arrive assign a player to one of the 4 plates found within the room. Two tops and two bottoms. This will leave two floaters to operate within the centre. You will notice one of the plates is green. Whoever is assigned to that plate will jump on the green plate and then one of the six players will be chosen at random to become the “runner” the torn between dimensions player. They will also come to the green plate and jump on. If the runner is assigned to a plate, a player from the middle will temporarily take over his position and babysit his plate. Now the two players on the green plate should see an orb spawn within the sky above one of the remaining three plates. Call out which plate the orb is above and the player assigned to that plate should jump on it creating a bridge between both plates for the runner to collect the orb. Once the runner collects the orb both players should get off the plate and a new runner will be randomly selected. Repeat this two more times with the plates and the runners then once the third runner has completed his run he should be able to interact with the floating orb. Once he claims the orb he should head towards one of the sisters and steal their immunity aura. Taking this aura will allow players to kill this sister. Using rockets and Gjallarhorn will allow for an easy quick one phase. Repeat the steps again to kill the other sister and move on to the final encounter.

The final encounter. Oryx, the Taken king. To start the encounter head to the front of the room. This will spawn Oryx and his thrall. Oryx will begin moving around the encounter space and choose one of the floor plates to slam on. Once he slams this plate he will begin to spawn four ogre’s around the room. Ensure you kill these ogres. Once they’re killed they will drop a bomb we will be using later but they will also spawn a light eater knight next to the plate they spawned at. Kill the light eaters before they interact with the bombs. Now once Oryx has slammed a plate that plate will turn green. The assigned plate player should jump on the plate exactly like within the Daughters encounter and a random runner will be selected. The runner should also jump on the plate. Again exactly like the Daughter’s encounter, an orb will spawn above another plate. Call out for the other plate player to jump on providing a bridge. The runner should collect the orb and both plate players should jump off. Like the Daughters, encounter repeat this three times until you can interact with the orb. Once the runner has interacted with the orb they will find a light eater knight running through the centre catwalk. The orb player should steal his immunity orb and stand within the centre of the arena. Each plate player should now return to their bombs from earlier which were dropped from the ogres and once it displays in the bottom left that Oryx “calls upon the darkness” each plate player should enter inside their bombs until a message appears within the kill feed that they have detonated their bomb. Once they have they should as quickly as they can return to the centre of the arena and get inside the immunity bubble. Once doing so Oryx will have been stunned and his chest will now be open and available for DPS. Repeat this until Oryx is dead and you have completed the King’s Fall raid.


What You Will Get

You will receive your selected amount of clears and/or Triumph Completions for your Kings Fall boost. Throughout the completion of the raid, your booster will collect any secret chests known and your booster will also collect any after encounter rewards. These are the brand new weapons and armour returning from Destiny 1 Kings fall raid. No rewards are guaranteed as it’s completely RNG what is rewarded from each encounter and chest. Each encounter will reward you will a drop and each chest will reward a drop.

What Does It Do?

Completing the Kings fall raid for your first time will net you some unique rewards. You will earn a completion emblem, triumph and an abundance of new weapons and armour. You will also be rewarded pinnacle rewards if your order is within the weekly raid rotation or within seasons 18 and 19. Making King’s fall one of the best loot sources for pinnacle rewards.

Where Does It Come From?

The Kings Fall raid is a reprised raid from Destiny 1. The King’s fall raid first launched back in the Taken King DLC. It quickly became one of the fan favourites raid known for its challenging experience and compelling storytelling. Venture into King Oryx’s throne world and take him down.

Start and Completion Time

After placing your order, it will start roughly within the initial 12 hours after the purchase;
The completion time will vary from order to order as you may have a larger quantity or smaller. Leading to faster or longer completion times.

Requirements Needed Prior To order Placement:

Access to the King’s Fall raid
Meet the minimum required light level for the King’s Fall boost raid

Bungie has promised to bring back yet another Destiny 1 raid as they did with Vault of Glass, and reprise it for Destiny 2 and make it more challenging as they did with the Vault of Glass raid, which remains the game’s only free-to-play raid at the moment. Soon it will be joined by a second, and there are only three possible options from Destiny 1. Those are King’s Fall, Wrath of the Machine and Crota’s End. However, Crota’s End has already been ruled out via Bungie. Bungie has ruled out Crota’s End as the returning raid. previously, when the community asked about it, Joe Blackburn went ahead and shut down the possibility of Crota’s End without saying its name specifically back in September 2021. “I’m going to give you the really boring technical answer. We know we want to bring back a banger. So it’s really about the complexity of bringing the raids from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2. I think by saying it will be one of the big raids, that takes one out of the equation.” This confirms Crota’s long-awaited return will have to be put on the back burner as it was known as one of the shortest raids in the history of the game akin to a raid lair from the beginning of Destiny 2s release. So with Crota’s End out of the equation, this only leaves two possibilities. Wrath of the Machine and King’s Fall. Story wise it would make perfect sense for King’s Fall to return as Oryx is Savathuns brother and those who did not play Destiny 1 would’ve missed out on the opportunity to slay the Witch Queens’ brother. Whereas the Wrath of the Machine’s Final boss, Aksis is a largely unknown character in the whole story of Destiny. With his only relation being with SIVA and the fallen who are now allies with the Last City. Also, all of the leaks coming out of Bungie right now are claiming that King’s fall will be the returning raid come August 26th.

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