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Requirements –

You must be 1100+ Power Level
You must have the Shadowkeep DLC

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Earn up to 750 Points.


With this Boost you will receive, RNG rewards from Garden of Salvation Raid it also includes the opening of both secret chests hidden throughout the raid. This boost contains a full completion of the Garden raid in the most efficient manner. We also have options for extra rewards such as the weekly challenge and the Divinity questline.

Shadowkeep is here and with it brings the Garden of Salvation raid! This is how to complete the Garden of Salvation raid! The raid starts out on the moon where the opening “encounter” is just to kill a couple of ads guarding the vex portal, once cleared step through the portal into the black garden and make your way to the first encounter. The steps to completing the first encounter are the following:
Create a tether chain to the Vex barrier to start the encounter
One group pushes to the next barrier, killing the Angelic and tethering the door open
The other group stays near Consecrated Mind, collecting its Voltaic Overflow
When Consecrated Mind moves, the back team leapfrogs over the forward team into the new area
Continue leapfrogging, collecting Voltaic Overflow and tethering the Vex barrier open
When in the open field, collect Voltaic Overflow and fight to the other side to end the encounter
After completing this encounter carry on moving forward until you climb into the second encounter. The second encounter is called Summon the Consecrated Mind. To complete this encounter you will have to complete the following steps:
Kill the Goblins in the centre to start the encounter
Two players defend the first relay while four players rotate clockwise to the next relay.
Four players clear Relay 2 and leave one player there to defend it. The rest push on.
Three players clear Relay 3 and leave one player there to defend it. The rest push on.
Two players clear Relay 4 and leave one player there to defend it.
One player from Relay 1 and the last player float between each relay, helping clear enemies and refreshing the Enlightened buff.
Each relay will be assaulted by three Angelics. Once all 12 are defeated, the centre Vex barrier will drop.
All players fight to the centre and defend Relay 5 until the encounter ends.
After completing the second encounter and you have summoned the Consecretrated Mind you won’t have to travel at all to be at the third encounter. The third encounter is called Defeat Consecrated Mind. This will be the first boss fight within the Garden of Salvation raid so ensure you have DPS weapons on! To defeat the Consecrated Mind you will have to complete the following steps.
Create a tether from the Vex box to the centre relay to start the encounter
Three players locate the bank and start killing minotaurs and collecting motes. The player that collects motes deposits them and uses the Enlightened buff to pop the white shields.
The other three players follow the Consecrated Mind. One player collects the Voltaic Overflow and calls out which eyes are red, the inside or outside.
Switch player roles if all three players have Voltaic Overflow counters.
When 30 motes are collected, everyone follows the boss to the bank and the damage phase begins.
Shoot all of the red eyes to stun the boss, opening its weak point. Shoot the centre of the boss as it retreats. Repeat the steps until the boss is defeated.
After this, you are moving on to the fourth and final encounter of the Garden of Salvation raid however before you are there you will have to travel deeper into the black garden and along the way you will see some of the best views Destiny has to offer! Upon arriving at the final encounter you will see the boss floating in mid-air, this is the Sanctified Mind. The final encounter is named Defeat Sanctified Mind.
To do so you will have to follow the following steps:
Begin the encounter by shooting the boss, defeat the enemies then kill the Angelic.
Destroy the boss’ shoulder or knee, or both, and send player(s) through to collect motes. When they’ve collected 10, destroy the shoulder/knee to bring them back. Repeat until 30 motes are in each relay.
Defeat the enemies that spawn, including the Angelic.
The boss will show a blue or orange plus sign. Use the appropriate relay to create a tether to the plus sign. Once it is broken, immediately make a tether to the boss using the opposite relay.
Deal damage to Sanctified Mind and repeat the above steps until completion.

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