First Disciple Rhulk Checkpoint Boosting

(5 customer reviews)


Earn up to 450 Points.


First Disciple Rhulk Checkpoint Boosting


What You Will Get?

You will get your selected amount of First Disciple Rhulk kills
This will grant you raid weapons and armour drops from The Vow Of The Disciple Raid
Chances at the Collective Obligation Pulse Rifle

Start and Completion Time

After placing your order, it will start roughly within the initial 12 hours after the purchase;
The completion time will vary from order to order as you may have a larger quantity or smaller. Leading to faster or longer completion times.


The Witch Queen DLC
Meet the minimum required light level to access the vow of the disciple raid

How It Works?

1. Once you place your order, your order will be assigned to a professional booster.
2. Next, you will be contacted via SMS / Email to establish a start time for your boost.
3. If you choose Self-Play option, your booster will plan the service according to your time schedule.
4. No waiting or unnecessary chatting with managers or admins unless you have any questions.
5. When the order will be finished, you will again be notified via SMS / Email.
6. Tell us your feedback by leaving a review and receiving 10% off for your next purchase.

We do not use any programs or cheats during boosts. All services are done by hand and contracted boosters. Feel free to ask any questions in our chat. We are glad to help you, and our live chat support will always find you the best service and fair price for your boost.

VPN Safe

We use in-house VPN services to hide the IP of the booster to better protect our clients and our boosters.

Earn Discounts

We have a structured points system for our customers to earn discounts on future purchases. Get great deals with our rewards.

Competitive Pricing

We regulary review and adjust our prices to wither match or beat our competitiors. Why pay more with others? Choose us!

5 reviews for First Disciple Rhulk Checkpoint Boosting

  1. Jack Nash

    First time trying something like this and the results speak for themselves love how professional these guys are. I plan on coming back for future needs 10/10.

  2. Chamby

    Checkpoint was completed quickly. Started within 30 minutes

  3. Ritual Emu

    Acid was a great help! I’m always left feeling satisfied after using Carry Kings thanks!!

  4. Sean Domingo

    Rhulk is straight up the hardest boss I have ever fought never have I struggled more. So I decided why not come here and test my luck and I may I add I was not let down at all the guys here are freaking insane at the game! We did not struggle one bit.

  5. Andrew

    Always my first point of call if I am struggling/stuck in a quest or just need a helpful boost, first class service and so easy to find the item required in the comprehensive lists provided on the website

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