Dodge City Gunslinger


Earn up to 745 Points.


Dodge City Gunslinger boosting

This service will guarantee you the acquisition of the Dodge City Gunslinger exotic holster.

This holster offers a few unique perks.

The first of these perks is called “Sleight of Hand.”  This perk offers a 20% boost to accuracy, 20% boost to stability, 40% boost to reload speed, 400% boost to optimal range, and a 20% boost to revolver damage.

The second of these perks is called “Quick Draw.”  This perk will reload your weapons when switching to your pistol.

The third of these perks is called “Perforator.”  This perk will offer a 20% boost to weapon damage on headshots with your pistol, and allows all your weapons to penetrate enemies.

The path to get the Dodge City Gunslinger Holster can be quite tedious, however, they can be time consuming to attain.  Here at, Guardian Boost, we will handle your account with care and guarantee you the acquisition of the Dodge City Gunslinger Holster.  Feel safe, secure, and have all your Division 2 Boosting needs met with us today!

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