Deep Stone Crypt Boosting


Requirements –

You must be 1230+ Power Level
You must have the Beyond Light DLC

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Earn up to 500 Points.


With this Boost, you will receive, full completion of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. This boost rewards an RNG chance at numerous weapons that drop within the Deep stone raid. Weapons highly sought after are Trustee, succession, and Heritage. All of these weapons are some of the best in slot for their weapon class. You also have an RNG chance at the Exotic Rocket Launcher Eyes of Tomorrow which is highly sought after!

Included with Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt, the Deep Stone Crypt challenges players to fight into an area below Europa and prevent the Fallen from enacting their plan. With the brand new raid launched alongside Beyond light and the brand new subclass node stasis players take on the fallen inside the infamous Deep Stone Crypt. Taniks can be seen throughout the beyond the light story in some cutscenes but never shown within the game leading players to theorize that he will be one of the main bosses we will come across within the raid. Deep Stone Crypt is a location on Europa that is the birthplace of the Exos and a subroutine responsible for seeding the first Exo consciousnesses. It is Destiny 2’s eighth raid and the first raid following the launch of Beyond Light that finally takes the players on a journey to conquer the Deep Stone Crypt. Although it is not available for everyone as for starters you must have the Beyond Light DLC and meet the minimum required light level to launch the raid.

The encounters found within the raid is the following:

Pike & Sparrow Opening
Crypt Security Encounter
Atraks-1, Fallen Exo Boss Fight
Taniks, Reborn (Nuclear Cores/Prevent Europa’s destruction) Encounter
Taniks, the Abomination Boss Fight

The Descendant Title is the seal associated with the deep stone crypt raid. It is earned via completing all deep stone crypts challenges and encounter challenges, completions with the clan, same subclass fireteams and also teams of the same character class. You will also have to obtain all of the possible rewards from the Deep stone crypt raid including the ghost, sparrow and Eyes of tomorrow Exotic rocket launcher which is an RNG drop from the final boss Taniks, the Abomination.

Note: Weapon cache (allows you to purchase extra loot)

Available after defeating the final boss encounter.
You MUST have the spoils to acquire these items. 20 per item – 25 Per Adept
You MUST have discovered an item before buying it from the Cache.
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