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Apex Legends Rank Boost

It was revealed that a series of “hidden” nerfs were made to SMGs such the R-99, Volt, Alternator, and the Prowler in Apex Legends Season 12, and Respawn Entertainment has now announced that these adjustments have been reversed.

Despite the fact that Apex Legends Season 12 introduced a slew of adjustments to the battle royale, including different weapon buffs and nerfs, many players quickly noticed that their SMGs were significantly less accurate than they had been used to.

Season update brought with it concealed nerfs to the Volt, R-99, Prowler, and Alternator to the dismay of gamers, and Respawn Entertainment has since reversed these adjustments, saying that they were “unintentionally” implemented.

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Three of these SMGs suffered a major reduction to their hipfire spread after the Season 12 update went live. Additionally, gamers discovered that The Volt did not get the magazine size increase that had been promised for the weapon.

As a consequence, when players shot SMG sprays at targets, they were wildly off target, placing them at a significant disadvantage in terms of precision. This attracted the attention of the Apex Legends developers, who investigated the issue further.

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More information can be found at Apex Legends Season 12 Anniversary Collection Event.
While it hasn’t been verified why precisely these modifications were implemented in Season 12, it’s plausible that Respawn was testing the nerfs behind closed doors and they were mistakenly released when the update went live by mistake.

“We made some inadvertent SMG hipfire tweaks with the launch of Defiance,” said Respawn in a tweet in response to the problem. We’ve recently released an Apex update that will restore them to their previous settings.”

Although these covert nerfs have been undone as of the time of writing, these weapons may yet see more adjustments as the season proceeds since Respawn Entertainment updates the game on a regular basis.

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A few hidden weapon nerfs made their way into Apex Legends, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given how often new seasonal upgrades cause issues during their first few weeks of availability.

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Aside from these modifications, players are now facing a number of additional difficulties in Season 12, including FPS faults for console gamers as well as visible latency spikes, which the devs are actively researching.

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